MetroResidences Launches New Property at Newton, 新加坡


新加坡-headquartered hospitality brand, MetroResidences unveils its newest property, MetroResidences Newton at 1A Surrey Road, offering more options for travellers seeking accommodation at the city fringe.

The 20,000 GFA Square Feet building is located in the vicinity of United Square, Novena Square, Goldbell Towers, Newton MRT 和 Novena MRT. The launch of MetroResidences Newton provides a pragmatic solution for guests seeking plug-and-play living just outside the central business district.

The site comprises 50 fully furnished studio apartments to cater to guests seeking a 3 to 24 months lease. Facilities include a gym, pool, hot tub 和 access to the MetroResidences community. Monthly rates start from $1,800.

MetroResidences首席执行官James Chua说,“As 新加坡 remains on top of its game in attracting top talent to its shores, the Newton project provides a cost effective, aspirational, 和 well-located option for discerning tenants. Location, affordability, design 和 the community are essential in creating a fulfilling experience for our guests, 和 these factors were front 和 center when putting MetroResidences Newton together.”

This site adds to the 1,000 apartment-inventory managed by MetroResidences. Other sites managed by MetroResidences include a serviced apartment building located at 36 Club Street, as well as residential buildings along Meyer Place, South Buona Vista 和 numerous other locations.

展望未来,MetroResidences将与 市区重建局(URA) and landlords to seek out more convenient 和 competitive accommodation options for professionals. URA announced earlier this year that it is planning to create three major economic getaways in the West, North 和 East of 新加坡。作为回应,MetroResidences将与这些地区的房东合作,为这些即将到来的主要就业中心提供更多的住房选择。

“Looking beyond Singapore’s 海岸,我们正在扩大我们的服务范围 亚太地区。我们的目标是通过扩大我们的业务范围,在近期内将库存量从现有的1,000个单位增加一倍,达到2,000个 Japan, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia,” said Chua.


MetroResidences(//是一个 Singapore 总部设在2014年的总部酒店品牌,为专业人士创造更好的城市生活体验。它经营服务式公寓,酒店,住宅建筑和共用客厅。公司提供各种私人和共享的生活空间,无论工作在哪里,每位客人都能找到理想的家。截至2019年,MetroResidences管理着超过1000套公寓 Singapore, Hong Kong and 日本,为5000多家公司提供服务,预订了半百万个晚上。


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